Joseph Ettedgui or simply Jospeh was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1938 to a Jewish furniture retailer. Jospeh’s father considered the retail profession as degrading and wanted his son to become a lawyer or doctor. Joseph had no ambition what so ever to obey his father’s wish and moved with his brother Maurice to London in 1960 where he trained to become a hairdresser. Two years later the two brothers set up a hairdressing salon (Salon 33) in King’s Road, Chelsea.

Joseph began to travel to Paris to see the ready-to-wear collections. This led to meetings with the to-be world-famous Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Joseph began selling Kenzo’s sweaters in Salon 33 and already in 1972, the first Joseph clothes store opened underneath the hairdressing salon.

Norman Foster designed Joseph’s flagship store in Sloane Street, Knightsbridge in 1979, after which Joseph as a main British retailer was truly cemented. During the 1980’s, own-brand knitwear and clothing were introduced. Joseph soon expanded his business with a restaurant; Joe’s Café and homeware: Joseph Pour la Maison. Stores began opening up all around London, but also New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Joseph is a sophisticated brand with distinct minimalistic lines and silhouettes. Embracing the woman’s femininity and grace. Simply working only with the finest and most exclusive of materials in order to present collections as timeless, yet everchanging as London itself.

iiSA of Malmö is proud to carry Joseph as one of our most signature brands for the classical touch of femininity. Each collection embracing a somber colour palette, only to enchant the woman’s own beauty even more.

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