Susan Szatmáry

Susan Szatmáry is a Swedish designer with an international background, born in Iraq in 1977. Her love for leather and design flourished in her mother’s ceramic studio, where she begun with making bags from second hand leather jackets, her creative cycle had started!

Susan aspires to create long lasting leather goods and qualitative design made only from the very best leather. She works closely with the state-of-the-art factories outside Florence in Tuscany, Italy to bring to life her stunning bags and accessories. Susan’s standards are defined with focus on the right materials that is sustainable and avoiding leather stock.

She works closely with her customers in order to keep a strong and fluid dialogue mainly selling through her own web shop and through selected stores like, iiSA of Malmö. The key to the success is to present the market with an alfa product, worn by worldwide customers to a accessible price.

iiSA of Malmö is delighted to be one of the selected few stores that can offer a wide range of Susan’s bags and card holders. From the very start in 2020 the founder of iiSA knew that she had come across a bag designer standing out from the rest of the crowd. The quality is high, the design timeless and minimal, yet never repetitive, always evolving. The colour palette is modern yet influence from the world of Art History ranging from bottle green and dove grey to cream white.



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