Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno is a Parisian clothing designer with a beating heart for the romantic, authentic and contemporary interpretations of times long passed. She finds her inspiration wherever she travels and every so often from vintage markets where she as a young woman picked up inspiration from men’s suit patterns and fabrics; such as herringbone and flannel.

Her first clothing line was established in 1996 and she founded her fashion label at the tender age of 24. We find in Vanessa Bruno that woman we all want to be; well travelled, in-tune with her inner woman and relaxed in whatever situation we might find ourselves. Vanessa Bruno is the romantic we all seek, but few dares to embrace. In her clothes we feel alive and fun, warm and feminine.

iiSA of Malmö finds Vanessa Bruno’s design appealing and relaxed, contemporary and stylish. Vanessa designs for a modern woman who dares to identify herself with who she really is, somebody who dares to dare.